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Our coaching program is designed to help individuals enhance their executive function skills, leading to improved productivity, organization, efficiency, and overall success in the various aspects of life.  Whether you’re a student aiming for academic improvement, an adult professional seeking to excel in your career, or someone simply looking to optimize your daily life, our coaching program is tailored to meet your unique needs.  

In the fast-paced and demanding world of the 21st century, strong executive function skills are crucial for navigating complex tasks and achieving goals effectively.  That’s why we are here, to be an influential voice in building your executive function skills.

By participating in the Strive Executive Function Coaching Program, you or your child, will unlock their full potential, increase efficiency, and experience a greater sense of self-confidence in life.  We are committed to your growth and success, and our coaches greatly enjoy embarking on this transformative journey as you seek to accomplish goals and find your life’s purpose.  

If you or your child are disorganized, unmotivated, forgetful, a procrastinator, and you cannot understand why “trying harder” doesn’t work, then let’s discuss what we can do together.

Meet our Director Dr. Erik Konsmo

Your child is unique and gifted

We want to partner with you to guide them toward a life of happiness, independence and productivity.  We hope you give us a chance to team your son or daughter with one of our Executive Function coaches who will help develop the life skills necessary to reach their potential.

We can coach your kids to help them:

  • Set goals and establish steps to achieve them
  • Focus and concentrate
  • Begin projects with less procrastination
  • Retain information
  • Get more organized and keep track of their stuff
  • Accurately determine how much time tasks will take
  • Finish goals without letting distractions steer them sideways.
  • Flexibly alter plans when the obstacles of life interfere.
  • Self-monitor how they are doing.

Meet one of our coaches, Holly

Our Coaches

Meet our caring and dedicated coaches and learn what makes them a good fit for your student.

The Strive Parent Playbook

Do you want to learn more about how Executive Function Skill can help your child?

Our Parent Playbook is a PDF guide that explains more about Executive Function coaching and the role you can play as a parent in helping your child succeed. By providing your contact information you will receive free email newsletters from Strive Coaching.

Contact us

If Strive can assist your teenager in any of the coaching areas, please contact us.  Give us a call, or send us an email by clicking the link below.  The Program Director will respond and can arrange a meeting to share more and answer your questions.

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